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Style Meets Substance


A testament to men who appreciate tradition and seek excellence in every detail, the safety razor isn’t just a tool—it’s a statement. For the man who wields it, the safety razor showcases a commitment to mastering the art of shaving and a deep respect for his skin. 


Safety razors deliver a closer, more comfortable men’s shaving experience with chrome-plated handles, a closed comb design for better shave control and a double-edged blade for use on both sides to extend blade life. 

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The Signature Shave


The Art of Shaving's range of Safety Razors offers a variety of engraved, chrome-plated handles to suit your personal style while ensuring that the handle wears well in wet environments. All of our Safety Razors have a closed comb design, which is less aggressive than an open comb design and allows for better shave control. Every Safety Razor also has a double-edged blade, permitting use on both sides to extend blade life. Shaving with a safety razor isn't just about removing facial hair. It's about continuing a time-honored ritual, making every morning an act of self-care for your skin.  

Razor technology has advanced considerably since the birth of the safety razor, but there’s a reason it still has a loyal following. In fact, there are several:    

Reduced Irritation: The single blade provides a clean, close shave, reducing the number of passes required and thereby lessening skin irritation.   

Reduced Ingrown Hairs: The design minimizes the chances of ingrown hairs, a common issue with many cartridge razors.  

Economical in the Long Run: While there might be a learning curve initially, using a safety razor proves cost-effective over time.  

Complete the Experience: For a truly smooth and irritation-free shave, pair with our shaving creams, balms, and pre-shave oils, crafted with an unwavering focus on men’s skin health.  



Brushes, stands and replacement blades to make sure your looks and performs like the shaving legend it is.

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